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Welcome to my workshop!

This is where it all happens!
Each and every one of my pipes has been designed and made in this little workshop.

I spend a lot of time here every day, trying to make the finest pipes of the highest possible quality, hoping that one day someone will enjoy smoking them.

Each new pipe has been created in a veil of sweet and mellow smoke from various tobacco blends I enjoy while working in my workshop. What could be a better or more natural environment for making pipes?


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Only finest materials used

For my pipes I use only the finest possible selection of the Mediterranean briar wood, olive wood, bog oak (morta) etc.

For the handmade stems I use the best German ebonite and sometimes acryl.

I also use a lot of various exotic materials such as deer antlers, horn, boxwood, bamboo, bocote, spalted maple, palm wood, cocobolo, ebony, purpleheart, bloodwood etc.




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Various types of handheld and custom made tools

My pipe making techniques involve a lot of hand craft so, in the hand making process I use all sorts of handheld tools, which were, in order for me to make most of them, tuned to their highest performance.

I use a lot of different types of files, both for metal and wood.




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Various types of machines used for drilling, rough shaping and sanding

Some of the machines that I have in my workshop include drill press, metal lathe, belt sander, disk sander, and a band saw.

Dust collecting system takes up a large part of my workshop. It is placed in a wooden box on the ceiling and connected to several more places in the workshop.




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I've wanted something special for my workshop, when it comes to lightning. Something a little bit unusual.

I have numerous types of desk lamps all over workshop that I'm using while working. For ceiling chandelier I wanted something a little bit different, something that will represent everything that this workshop is.

Idea came all by itself. I have many empty tobacco tins and they can be lovely little lamps. In my workshop I smoke a pipe, I smoke cigars and I drink Earl Grey tea, lots of Earl Grey tea...

All this tobacco, cigars and tea tins are now part of my workshop chandelier.





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