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The way my pipes are made

The question I've heard on many occasions is how I make my pipes. The purpose of this page is answering that question. Furthermore, I will try to update photo galleries (also on this page), documenting different stages of pipe making.

I believe that there are so many different ways to make a pipe as there are people all around the globe who make them. We could all be using the same techniques for some types of jobs, or completely different for some others... The result is what counts and it has to be the same - a perfectly engineered and shaped smoking pipe!

The purpose of this page is to introduce you to the techniques which I use.


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Preparation of all the necessary parts for a bamboo pipe

Everything begins with a block of wood. In this particular case I am making a freehand briar pipe with a bamboo shank extension.

First I need to be sure that my briar block has no visible flaws, and if it does, I need to figure out the way to avoid them. Considering the fact that briar is a natural material, flaws could be tolerated to a certain point. But if they were too big, or there were too many of them, the block would have to be thrown away or used for tampers or something else.

As a result of boiling and drying, the blocks become brown on the outside. Consequently, in order to see some grain beneath the brown surface, I begin with sanding the sides of the block.

This particular block is fairly small because it has been cut out from a larger one. The other piece of that same block has already been made into a pipe. It will have to have a bamboo shank extension because otherwise it would be too small.




... to be continued...

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