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Feel free to contact me for all your product reservations, orders and informations!

Also, I consider exchanging tips and information, or a simple chat with fellow pipe smokers or pipe makers to be a great pleasure.

The amazing work of pipe making and smoking continuously offers a variety of new and unexplored things, and finding out and learning anything new gives me great pleasure and satisfaction. So, don't hesitate to email me or look me up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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Domagoj Telisman
Rackoga 11
Croatia, Europe



Available payment options: BANK TRANSFER or PayPal
Please contact me for more information about money transfer via bank account.

PayPal account: domagoj@dotterpipes.com
Please be sure to send me a note for which product are you paying for and write down your shipping address.


Worldwide shipping thru Croatian Post Office (registered airmail) 1-3 days upon payment.
International shipping costs are 10€ unless stated differently.
Each buyer gets its tracking number immediately upon shipping.


7 days post delivery confirmation.
For payment refund all items must be returned in unused and undamaged condition.
In case of an item return, shipping costs and customs fees are non-refundable. 
1 year warranty on pipe burnouts (due to a hidden flaw within material) and craftsmanship.


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